I wish I wish I could extract an existing clockface out of the KW88

I wish I wish I could extract an existing clockface out of the KW88 to see how it’s build.
Or knew somebody who can (and will)

only need for instance the “Mouradoo” or the “Love” watch face.
One day wishes will come true :wink:

@Lokifish_Marz think you mean SHA1 (java)? . Read about it this morning trying to figure things out myself . Way to difficult for me yet. If anyone can its you…I’ll donated this forum but I’m gonna donate you tomorrow so you know it’s appreciated… I know it’s hard work and time consuming. The least We can do is letting your know our gratitude.

If there’s something we can do just yell…

Question though…Thougt of donating now but can’t see a link for paypal…or is it the same as on "the other side "? http://goo.gl/FrUKUE ?

Let me know …I’ll read it tomorrow…gotta go now …

FYI: when you download and install the apk faces from the list I created recently, during choosing the face in watch, only the Mickey Mouse has a good preview. The rest is swiped out. Maybe there is something different with xml - different in a good way. :slight_smile: you can try it.


I have installed 5 faces and don’t have any problem seeing the previews.
Here 's a screenshot showing 3 of them (3 s the most I could let you see on one screen) All five are ok …showing up and working.

Hey Martin, where did you get the tagaqua face? It looks very nice and in fact it shows the date. The Carrera that I found doesn’t fill up the fields.

It’s here somewhere…but it doesn’t show the date …only on the preview
Look at the list made by @INFOMUSICFilms

@INFOMUSICFilms The cartier-black at your list page is made by me ( if you look on the source info of that file and search for mbnijhuis you’ll see :wink: