I will stop experimenting with all those launchers and widgets solutions for Clock Skins

I will stop experimenting with all those launchers and widgets solutions for Clock Skins on my KW88 until a good solution is on the market if those watch companies are really looking for sustainability.
It is just a total waste of time for me.

Things are very much organized on the X5 with the CSM App, easy and fun and NOT time consuming.

Also things are much more organized on the Wear OS or Tizen as well.

So I am hoping that developers will find easy solution in this community.

I don’t understand what’s not easy. If your able to create a watch-face with CSM, I assume your knowledge then is good enough to install a pre-made ZW file watch-face in Zooper Pro and scale it to your watch screen-size? Scaling is on the first page in Zooper pro for the Widget. It’s a matter of Plus/minus the percentage until it fit’s your screen without getting clipped at the sides.
You need Zooper PRO, not the Freeware version of Zooper. It does not enable you to import.

Furthermore I’m now experimenting with KLWP, for it supports more features then Zooper Pro (I think). So there will be a third option to try next week. (it’s also an paid option)

I believe there are two kinds of people that use this watch.
#1: Show the time and have a different watch-face from time to time. Have notifications come in from the connected phone.

#2: I’ve got a high tech piece of jewelry. Let’s see what it can do for me.

In which category are you?

An archive for .zw clock faces in one place will be great.

Look at my last video. It has 3 clockfaces in de description for Zooper.

Hey @Kenneth_Tan ​, KLWP really seems to be more powerful than Zooper.
But it has the double of the size of Zooper =(
Do you know if it’s possible to export “standalone” widgets? So this way we could create the widgets at the smartphone and export only the widget itself, to install on the watch, without having to actually install the KLWP app on it as well?

Zooper has the option to save as apk, but every time I try that I get a java error about some font issue. Never was able to fix this. But according to Zooper it should be possible.

Feedback from KW88 happy owner.

I installed and bought the applications, and indeed it give a good feel for clock faces.

But I must say that it is not the perfect solution.

Indeed, it looks like Clock Faces, and your work, once understood is amazing, but the battery drain is awful in the end.

This morning I had a full battery, and after 3 to 4 hours, it was at 30%, using launcher + widget… If I stick to the initial settings (no Launcher, No Widget), I use it (Look at the clock some times during the day + use a few applications) I can use it all day…

What I would really like, and I am ready to help the community is to get in touch with Kingwear, and ask them to give us access to where they store their clock faces in the original design to be compliant with their original system.

What do you think ?


I hope this will happen for kingwear and I2 as well…I am in Break from my work now for few months and after that I think I will gave up all of this and stick with the new S3 Frontier and that is it.
Those companies must know that this group is the most excited group by their watch due to price. however to stay in business they must focus on after sales and quality…otherwise there no hope for them.
It is funny that I bought a watch claiming it is rugged like the zeblaze and after showing with it…I got a new one.
It is also funny that we are in this group looking for updating owr firmwares and all watches claiming FOTA without any registrations even or email instructions or even thank you message that we bought their watches so they are staying in business.
It is indeed super funny that we stick with watch faces we got without any means for update.
For all of the above…I was just testing these companies during my break and it seems to me just pure Hit-And-Run.
So…this is my pure advises for them all.

@Khalid_Naji ​​ - I’ve been on XDA (smartwatch forum) for a few years, I’ve seen @Lokifish_Marz ​​ battle through all the treachery from not only the Chinese manufacturers, but the big Western players too. I too gave up with the Chinese OEM’s, all they want is to make dirty money. The new generations of devs and users will buy the cheap Chinese watch and most of them will learn and move on.

It’s so time consuming to make a Chinese watch work, but it doesn’t have to be this way, they CAN make a good useful product and make profit too. But who can make them understand? It’s their way of life!

The only way is too make our own watch, we don’t have the capital but we have the expertise.