I wil share with you a Dutch watch brand. Namely the: AEROMEISTER 1880 Rotorcraft.

I wil share with you a Dutch watch brand.
Namely the:
AEROMEISTER 1880 Rotorcraft.

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Erg goed! :slight_smile:

Dank je :laughing: (Thanks)

Pretty shweet. I like it. Gonna download!

@Nicholas_Herczeg Thanks :blush:

I suppose it’s German, but nice face :smirk:

Oh sorry,now i see Amsterdam. The meister puts me on the wrong leg.
Question: i have a android 7.1.1 watch,not wear. Can i get it on that watch?
Tnx in advance

@John_Raynor :smiley: that must be no problem

@John_Raynor this community only deals with full Android. No Wear OS faces here. Depending on your graphics engine and whether or not you have Universal Launcher, most of the faces should be compatible with your Android 7.1.1 smartwatch.

@John_Raynor I also wanted to add that there is the King Wear and the X-series graphic engines. If a watchface is simple enough, it may be compatible with both, but not always. I post my faces for both, but not everyone does or have the time to.

@John_Raynor @Nicholas_Herczeg please let’s stop talking about watchmaker and android wear. That’s not the right place here.
Cleaned up.

@John_Raynor @Marco_Ferreira has developed a program that, I believe, turns your watch into a temporary ftp-type site. It displays a web address. You can open a tab on most browsers and visually see what faces are on your watch(I don’t know if it’s just custom faces or if it also includes stock). From that site, you can also remove and upload custom faces to your watch. You can also use Bluetooth transfer apps, but like WFD, Marco’s app is a lot more streamlined and easier to use. Currently, these are the only 2 ways to transfer custom faces to the Hope. I’d recommend the first option. Marco has the link for it, but it might also be on the Play store. He originally designed it as a gag, but it got so much interest, he turned it into a working app.

@G1NT0N1C sorry, man. It was just a side thought. Didn’t think you’d mind. Ah, well. It wasn’t my intention to upset.

Same for me. Forgive me!