I was working on a watchface for the KW88.

I was working on a watchface for the KW88. It was charging and I was connected to it with my PC using Teamviewer Host over WiFi. That makes it very easy to work on because you get a square screen and you can access all the apps without sometimes having to go full screen on the watch.

Anyway suddenly all the bells and whistles went off on the watch. Battery’s overheating alarm alarm. Battery temperature critical please shut down.
So I did. The watch was screaming hot. In the heat of the moment I forgot to take a picture, but next time I’m going to monitor the system performance while using Team viewer while charging.
I think TV requires a lot of resources…

I use Teamviewer almost daily to configure my ZGPAX S99, both on and off charge, never experienced any wild overheating yet. Looking at the CPU process, Teamviewer Host process idles around 1-2 %, although when manipulating the watch screen on my PC via Teamviewer it jumps to around 15-20 % briefly.

Didn’t monitor the load during use. Going to next time. Scared the crap out of me. This puppy was seriously overheated and I know what Lipo’s do to vent the overpressure…

I think it’s the WiFi connection with TeamViewer running that does it. It used to get hot on the D5/X series watches too.
I have to ask - I tried Teamviewer but could not find which remote host plugin to install. Can you let me know which plugin you have that works ?

I’m simply running the generic Teamviewer Host app on the watch.

If you’re talking about a Quicksupport plugin, I don’t think there is a
compatible plugin. So it’s just remote control only.

@Matt_McKenzie thanks Matt.
I haven’t been able to get it to work yet but must be something wrong. I’ll give it another go later. I love this app - it’s perfect for watches :slight_smile: But the watch does get hot after a while so watch out for that…

Team viewer Host. That’s the one to install.

@Kenneth_Tan thanks :slight_smile:

@Kenneth_Tan would you be ok with sharing your you tube vid of you using the TFL launcher here on the community? This one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbB0fWPbP_g

I think it would help a lot of people and it seems we will not be getting any help from Sinsoft…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 share it. A more detailed instruction-video will follow this week. I’m having some spare time tomorrow to do it.
Things have changed since this video. Nova-launcher is the launcher to have and unfortunately for some. I’m using some paid apps. It’s not much money, but some seem to think that everything should be free.

@Kenneth_Tan great - thanks Kenneth.
Everything for free means no recognition for the hard work the app developers put into these solutions.
What a ridiculous way to carry on?

A week ago I had a discussion on this board with someone that would rather wait to get it for free then pay $3 for a good working (and needed) piece of software.

@Kenneth_Tan there will always be some who just want everything for nothing. Luckily it a smaller percentage of us…

I made myself a promise, my default answer for future remarks will be “Go and buy yourself a cup of coffee” End of reply.