I think my watch Finow X5 is dead.

I think my watch Finow X5 is dead. Nothing I do seems to get any response. stop in smartwatch init screen

I brick my x5 and W10 cant detect the watch. I install W10 MTK drivers

Now appear in Flash Tool
brom error s_com_port_open_fail (1013)

Sounds like your drivers are not working properly or the charger is not making a good contact or you need to try a different usb port.

An now
brom error s_ft_da_no_response (4001)


Error 4001


Meaning: SP flash tool is having difficulty communicating with the device


  • Change the USB-port
  • Run SP flash tool as Admin
  • Ensure to install the correct drivers (see https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-440.html )
  • Try another PC and USB cord
  • Ensure the phone is switched off with a charged battery inside when connecting to the PC for flashing

the problem was the cable
Now the problem is I cant get into google play

Oh - well at least your watch isn’t broken :slight_smile:

What happens when you try to sign in?

Do you have a good connection to internet?

Thanks friend!
Yes, is good
Error recuperation server information RH-01

Clean data from Google play services and Google play, should come back

@john_gully yep should work but depends if he can access the app manager menu.
To be honest he would be better off going into the watch settings and doing a factory reset.

I tried with sim card and it all sorted