I think it's important for me to also give negative advice if it's needed.

I think it’s important for me to also give negative advice if it’s needed. And the warning is about the Kingwear KW88 “Watchband White” color choice.

I had chosen a white band version, because I wanted something different then the Casio Black bands I’ve been wearing my whole life.

This morning I had a good look at my KW88.
I noticed that the band has turned slightly yellowish. You know, the color your white computer turns after a few years of working below your desk, but not THAT brown…
The crispy white is gone and it now has a distinct yellow brown tint. I’ve been only wearing it full time for a week. Also been doing some heavy work where it has been exposed to plenty of sweat.
The band on itself is perfect alright, just the color is no longer crispy white. The coloration is over the entire band, inside and outside there are no less tinted spots. I’ve tried cleaning it with a screen cleaning fluid but that only removed some real dirt that was present, the color is still the same new tint.

Next time I’ll choose the black strap.
And I want to make clear, mechanically the band is 100% OK!

It could be a fault in the curing process of the silicone… light colour can be a problem… any chance of you getting a refund/replacement?

@Andrew_Davis No mate, it’s not that big of a deal for me. This watch was always going to be my workhorse. So I expected the band to get dirty. But as the discoloration is throughout the whole band, it’s important to know for people who are choosing their watch. Replacing the band would be an option as I’m able to remove the cables from the pcb and eject the pins from the case that hold the bands to the watch.
But that’s not an option for a normal consumer.
My advice, just buy a black strap to begin with.
I’ve learned my lesson.

Hello , I have bought the white model but if the color changes , I would be interested to change the bracelet and take a black but I 'm not an expert so you can explain how to make the change

@Francois_Repir That is not possible. There are 3 antenna’s in the watchband. 1 and 2 on either side. Shine some light through the watchband and you can see them sitting in the white squares next to the watch casing.
Theoretically it is possible, but for and average user not advisable to exchange.

It can be done, but as you said, it’ s really complicating because of disassembling. Maybe i’ll try and record the process :smiley:

@Vmax Don’t remove the bands until your sure you can get new one’s.
I’m going to write my seller and ask for a black one plus two extra charge cables.
@Zoe_Chan also wrote me that I had to go through the sellers channel. I hope they can deliver (spare) parts.

Thanks for the info, but i plan to replace it with a leather one. And if it get’s broken, it’s just another smartwatch if have for replacement parts. I may then build a frankenstein :smiley:

@Vmax Keep us informed how you made a leather band fit, especially inserting the antenna’s.
I know it can be done, but it takes a specialist to do it. Thumbs up!

Will try the same way, posted in that link http://www.mforbes.ca/x5-smartwatch-antenna-transplant/
by you.

I would like to know which product you use to clean your white band ? because I have red spots due to a red t -shirt.