I said I wouldn't be making anymore faces until my watch arrived but I

I said I wouldn’t be making anymore faces until my watch arrived but I couldn’t help myself after a post from @SmartWatch_Ticks
Update: after help from ^ to get these up and going, I’m finally able to release them, you can find the download here.

The folders ending in NSH are mods by SmartWatch Ticks that don’t include a second hand.

Really nice one

WOW! What a collection!! Really looking forward to these!

I’m getting dizzy alrerady

realy cool, also tried and didn’t come close to these, allthough I was trying creating animations using moirre effects, very challanging

Usually really slow rotations present the best results, and if you have one static and two rotating at different speeds, well, depending on the design, it will look like it never repeats, too.

Also, just because these skins occupy that coveted place on the watch for telling time it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have any relevance to time whatsoever. They can be a pure optical experience just for gazing without the distraction of heart rates and steps and dates and things. Just pure '60s bliss, if ya know what I mean…

I can not figure out which images are used in the layers when the timer 1.10 and 1.15

@SmartWatch_Ticks ​ in your latest video you have these faces. Is the download link live?

Yes, @C_For that video is live. Offline @Inceptual_Games fed me a bunch of faces to look over and give feedback. These are a couple of my favorites shown in the video. The second hands are running backwards, so it’s a work in process (especially since he doesn’t even have a watch yet). I could have pulled the second hand or fixed it, but it felt best, having asked permission to use them in a video, that I leave them as they are for now to show that sometimes it takes work to get these things right. We’ll feature them again (corrected) in a future watch face video, and I’m sure he’ll be posting the complete bunch real soon. Good catch, by the way!

Not long now guys, I’ll have these ready for release either today, or early tomorrow. I will be making a new post for the release, but I’ll post the links here for those subscribed to this conversation and a link here from the youtube video.

Here’s the link guys. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0btn781wa5Za1g4Ym1PWG9ST1U/view?usp=sharing
The folder ending in NSH are modifications made by @SmartWatch_Ticks that do not include the second hand.