i recently bought: Finow q3 watch.

i recently bought: Finow q3 watch. i downloaded a couple watch skins to a custom folder called clockskins everything seemed to work fine… later when i tried to connect the watch back up to my computer the watch no longer asked if i wanted to use it as a hard drive so my computer could see it in the list of drives. so the problem i am having is that my computer isn’t seeing the watch when i connect it to the dock via usb cable to computer anymore…? i tried resetting equipment in settings, that deleted the custom folder and the faces in it, but that didnt fix the issue. i also tried unscrewing the back and removing the chip and placing it back onto the motherboard…but still no luck, everything else seems to work except that my computer isnt picking the watch up anymore and when i connect the watch to the dock it just says connected with a usb pic or when i disconnect it disconnected’, and no mention “do you want to use as drive.” any idea on how to get the menu of enabling watch as drive back? the other odd thing is the weather feature in my town shows 23 degrees when its 70 degrees outside, and for the whole week. …just tried connecting it to another computer, doesnt recognize the watch either, or ask if i want to use it as a drive.

I’m having a similar problem with my D5… I’ve still not resolved it… I think it’s down to a Microsoft Windows 10 update at the end of September… :frowning:

I get these messages…



i dont even get that. i just get connected or disconnected when i put it on the dock or take it off the dock. just tried connecting it to another computer, doesnt recognize the watch either, or ask if i want to use it as a drive.


I find that Mobizen over wifi is the way to go for screen mirroring and file management/transfers.

@Jim_Chisholm ​ but you can not use it to update or put files from pc to the watch. guys with my D5 I had 2 cradles and one of them is’nt recognized by the pc it just show connection but not as a driver, the other one is recognized maybe that is the case with your watches.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Hmm, I do, for example I created a ClockSkin folder, created subfolders in that (all with Mobizen via wifi) and I then upload the watch faces, music, ringtones, etc etc. Note that you have to be on the same wifi network.

@Jim_Chisholm thanks I did not know that:)

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Interesting about the cradle/dock… I do have two but the first had a pin problem so I bought another… now they both only charge the watch… I might try swapping the pogo pins from one to another - I’ll keep you posted… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis on aliexpress you’ll find the charger.

what file type do you use to drag/drop the watchskin folder into clockskins inside mobizen? i couldnt seem to get it to work, when i try dragging the folder nothing happens, when i extract it, it goes in but says unsupported.