I read a little while ago how to activate triple tap to zoom and

I read a little while ago how to activate triple tap to zoom and reach corners invisible on round watch but I can’t find it anymore. Can you guys give me a link (video or written)? Thx a lot

Install Settings Search from Play Store, then open Accessibility menu and enable the Magnification gestures option

Ok thx. I was searching in the regular setting and of course didn’t found anything

Hi, I have tried this in the past and although it zooms, it only zooms what first appears on screen, I can’t get past the cropped circle even when zoomed…at least on apps, didn’t try it on webpages but it should work there…

I tried it. If you triple tap near the edge it show you more that normally is out of the display.

The problem is that it can’t move from there. In a phone, with two finger you can enlarge the zoom even more (much more) and you can move on the display. In this way you can reach every point after you zoom in. On the watch, probably the two finger tap on this display can’t be done because you can’t enlarge neither move di screen with two finger. It take that like a simple click.

@EasyLearn_How If you triple tap and on the last tap keep the finger down you can move stuff around. Still, it won’t let me go past the circle crop :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ciro_Danise the display only accept one finger tap. No more. Is it correct?

If we can tap with two finger we Really could reach every point in the hidden part of the display using the trip tap function completely

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt try more. Almost on the edge. If I tap on the edge it zoom in and appear a little more over the edge. Not so much but what is necessary in some case to reach setting. For example I tried in on floating toucher to reach settings on the right-up corner