I present my latest clockskin Fossil Q (Marshal) Credit to fossilwatches:

I present my latest clockskin

Fossil Q

Credit to fossilwatches:

There is two version inside the zip: silver and blue.
Cool sharp look, with lot of info.
Trying to made simple as the original.
Images made by me in PS.
Free to use, hope you like it, enjoy!
Work with x/+ series watches, not a WM .watch file.

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One word. ā€¦ stunning.

You are like a watch face magician

Splendid, Thank you

I also thought to make this a few days ago but you beat me Zsolt. :smiley: Wish i had your PS skills becouse you are a star with PS andso its made beautyfull. :wink: Thanks!

@Richard_van_Aggelen Thanks for your kind words, Iā€™m just user, and need a lot of learn in PS. :wink:

@zsolt_m Hahah no i am a user and you are a PRO-User. :wink:

great gob, thank`s once again.

Good evening, can you make this model for me? Thank you very much in advance. Good job :slight_smile: http://global.diesel.com/watches/dz4253/DZ425300QQQ.html?dwvar_DZ425300QQQ_size=UNI&dwvar_DZ425300QQQ_color=01

Very nice watch faces , will they work on Android 4.4 smarwatches, I have been following the channel but
have never tride to install one, I have Android 5.1 and Android 4.4 smart watches that Mr Ticks has viewed on his channel.

@Herb_boughner what type of watches?

Really nice. Love them. Thank you