I own a Finow X5 Smartwatch Phone.

I own a Finow X5 Smartwatch Phone. I love its design but a liitle unsatisfied with its display features. It does not support AlwaysOn moreover minimum brightness is not very low. It consume battery very quickly when display turned on for half an hour. Plz developers I reuquest you to develop some app for AlwaysOn. Or design something to reduce its brighness level to low. I just need its display dim but alwayson.

Have you watched any of the @SmartWatch_Ticks YouTube videos?

Yes I hv seen many videos…of Smartwatch ticks…

There’s information on the earlier videos about apps to control brightness… :slight_smile:

Plz tell which app is that…

Does brightness go beyond its stock brightness level


Using a brightness slider will allow you to go slightly lower than default values.
Check out this app to keep your screen on. But I can guarantee battery life will be very poor, unless you root and underclock.

May u guide me to root and underclock…

For battery drain it’s watchhelper try another app like swapplink

Root and custom recovery instructions are in the guides section

I can understand your suggestions…thanks btw

Are you sure that is your screen wich consume your battery.? I have the x5 and I don’t have this issue. In my case it was watchhelper the guilty one…

I want my Smartwatch x5 to be showing clock face always as long as i m wearing it. Like moto 360 AlwaysOn feature…

As stated earlier, battery is the main issue with this feature. The screen just draws way to much power to stay on for a long period. I’m guessing Wear has a very good powersaving mode when AlwaysOn is activated, unfortunately Android doesn’t support this. Maybe with Marshmallow this would be possible.

Yes I hv tried a lot effort to keep display on always but of no use…thanx for reply by the way.