I need your help again. I'm implementing rotation of arraytypes on WatchFace Designer.

I need your help again. I’m implementing rotation of arraytypes on WatchFace Designer. The simpler method, to me, was to create images such that each digit has the same width has the watch. That way, each arraytype drawable can only show one digit at a time. This works both on CSM and on the stand alone Clockskin Universal Launcher, however it makes CSM very slow in updating the screen. I’m asking if you could try this watchface on a real watch and see how it behaves (is it too slow, does it consume too much memory, etc.). This is the same sample as before, but now with several arraytypes rotated (I believe that this will rarely, if ever, occur in a real watchface). Ignore the red dots in the preview (they are just debug helpers for me) as they wont be shown on the watch.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2IPqTzLnvSPcWpXUy1EYTlocm8


@Marco_Ferreira Marco, in my finow x5+ not noticable slow.
But you need to know, this drawable digital arrays not, or not all will work in other type, like kw88,kw99, thor, les1 …
This work fine for x series + series watches, and the universal launcher. All other had issue with.
Anyway very good work, i like it! :slight_smile:

@zsolt_m thank you for the test. Do you why doesn’t it work with other types? Lack of memory? Impossibility to make the center of the array outside the 400x400 coordinates?

@Marco_Ferreira That is firmware issue.Not lack of memory. Finow use good firmware for x and + series watches, but other watchmaker company use not the same. CSM works like finow fw-s.

Hmm… is there a workaround for them? Is this face even possible with those watches? This face has “rotated” arraytypes over semi-transparent layer over a rotating layer, and that’s why I think another method would be difficult (but, as usual, i’m probably wrong :slight_smile: )

Need some users to test this with original launcher on kw or other type watches. In finow types, and with unilauncher this will correctly work.
Thats good when the WFD made was CSM made, why CSM works same as the firmwares need to working.

@Marco_Ferreira Both on universal launcher, and the Original firmware of I4 pro, the battery array aren’t visible.On original I4 pro the second hand reverse. In finow and I4 with unilauncher good. I csm I can figure it , from the battery array I deleted the %, and made as separate image on the skin.Yet I have just 3 battery array and in unilauncher display good. I4 launcher cannot display that, and the reverse second I cannot figure , just if set to default, all second rotates.

@Eric_Crochemore There is unilauncher not read the 11. image from battery xml. Finow engine read that

So, let’s see if I understood correctly. Is this table correct?

missing/deleted image from Google+

@zsolt_m Bug found and corrected. That battery array !!

@Marco_Ferreira Table to be corrected. :slight_smile:
More subtle than that : unilauncher 1.x is 100% clockskin compatible, unilauncher 2.x is not. But this bug will be corrected in next version.

@Eric_Crochemore yeah, that battery array is a source of headaches for me too :stuck_out_tongue:

@Marco_Ferreira Tested it on KW99 with the latest tronsmart firmware, same result as IQI I4 pro.

Table updated. Is this correct?

missing/deleted image from Google+

@zsolt_m so, the battery array does not show up, and the seconds hand goes CCW, right? I didn’t understood what happened when you changed the seconds hand direction. It changed both the seconds and the background?

I think, I find anything to set the bug of multiple digital arrays of battery, to correct run in original firmwares…One of my skin which is problematic, working now…yuppy.

@zsolt_m So, the bug on original firmwares is also the 11th array member?

@Marco_Ferreira Dont know about, never use that before. I always put that as separate image.

But found a solution… hehe…

Now all In my watches I can run all skin, what before has issue. I mean in original launcher.

So issues in your skin, in the battery 11. image. Seem like, in the not finow firmwares use that not. Solution : Just use 10 images , and put the % as separate. Second: your really second hand was reverse. Solution need not just (counter) value 2 to set, but multirotate need negative too > multirotate -1.
Third about battery. When battery not correct visible, need the coordinates in CSM shift to image.width/2 to right.
When was in csm 0, and images width 400px, than shift to 200.
In universal launcher no need to do anithing, because Eric corrected that.