I Need Your advice for watch replacement (old Kospet Prime)

Hello Android Smartwatch enthusiasts,

I’ve a Kospet Prime (Android 7.1.1) Great Watch but outdated…
I want to buy an new one. But wat to choose.

I like to have more health options and above all an actual Android version.
The 4/5G LTE option for me is a must have. I use my watch for running, so GPS and Spolify are also needed.

What Can you advise me if you are in this situation.

Thanks for your response and advise!

Well, the fitness options on these watches don’t really live up to their promises. Also 5g is not available on any of these watches as it causes a temperature issue. However, LTE is available on newer models and works well.
In my opinion, the Kospet Optimus pro is a good choice. From the Lemfo brand, the LEM15 is a good choice. Both are Android 10.
Lemfo also has the LEM16 with Android 11. However, this has a spreadtrum chip instead of an MTK chip. These are a bit more complicated if you want to make changes to the firmware.


If you insist on using this for running i would recommend the Ticris Max S only. You can install A10 on this also.

If you dont require for running i totally agree with @G1NT0N1C 's recommendations


@Edwin_Mennes LTE will work on most of these BUT only if your cellular provider allows it. Otherwise it defaults to 4G.
4G is more than acceptable but uses a little more power.

For example, in Australia Telstra and Optus does not allow use of their LTE network unless they are selling the device and it has their brand name on it.

I believe Vodafone allows LTE usage.

It is the same world wide so make sure you check before expecting LTE to work.
The devices defiantly support it but it is totally dependent on the Sim provider.

As for sports or fitness monitoring, you should not consider these devices if this what you are focussed on.
A cheap BT band will give better results because they are intended for this purpose.

If you want a very good, independent phone-watch that allows you to install any apps - then both of the models recommended by @G1NT0N1C and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu will be perfect.
They are miniature Android mobile phones in a watch package.


Well…i don’t agree with what is said about the FAW in meanings of activities, i have the lokmat 7 and i use it mainly for tracking activities, sleeping, water intake, working out, i had before other sport watches and samsung watches, BT chest belt, and I’ve never felt that my Kospet prime or Hope or other FAWs gave less accurate info than the other did (taking into consideration the % of inaccuracy). I use it with sim and all other connectives on (ex. WIFI) and I’m satisfied with the results it gives me.
It is THE ONLY watch that you can use with your favorite apps and track on your phone or even pc without the need of your smartphone.
My suggestion is Lokmat 7(not mtk A9) or 9(mtk A10) or Kospet Optimus(mtk A10) without the importance of Android version.

***don’t see a REALLY good reason to buy A11 over A10.
A9 DOWNSIDE it isn’t mtk device.

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@sonia_sophie_ataunna really…?
Ok no worries.

Lets just say as a person who lifts weight and run every day about 16 km, i always look for a good activity tracking device and i had…so many and ive used the first FAWs but they weren’t as good as sport watches so i used them with sport watches (i have 2 hands🤪) , but you can’t deny that today they are way way better than in the past, even just comparing Kospet prime A7 with lokmat 9 A10 you see a huge differences especially in tracking activities.
I wanted to buy A11 but what are the differences (hardware related) from A10 or even A9 in meaning of tracking workouts?

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You are advising a person to buy an unsupported watch (I mean unsupported by us) that even Lokmat does not recommend.

Not really a good suggestion for someone asking for help trying to decide.

Just saying.


@pablo11 I just want to give 2x “thumbs up”! :+1::+1:


As a keen runner ( nothing else ) i have to disagree regarding the watches i have tested. Tracking has not been a problem for me. I usually find over a 10k run vs Samsung S9 the difference is usually a quarter of a mile out at the most. Humidity / sweat are my issues.

Ticris Max S - perfect
Lemfo Lem12 rusted sim tray
Genesis - air and sweat destroyed it in one run
O2 - moisture in camera / boot loop
P2 - moisture in camera / boot loop
The list goes on…


Hello All,

First of all many thanks for your suggestions.

I’ve made an list of the Watches you mentioned (only the round ones, sorry Dr_Andy_Vishnu).
I see two things, first of all, not all watches has the PAR2822 processor.
And the 2nd one, the amount of memory is different.

Then again I like a newer Adroid version to stay compatible longer with apps.
The LEM16 has the difficult processor, meaning Android 10.7 will by my first choice.

Then I think the 4GB RAM can give better performance than 2GB.
Meaning I’m back to Kospet :wink: or the LEM15

What do you think, is his the best way to go?
And is the 2nd Chip (PAR2822) as handy as they say?
I can’t run with it using my favourite running App, do I?

My Current Watch Display CPU RAM ROM Android
Kospet Prime 1.6 MT6739 1GB 16GB 7.1.1
Replacement Type CPU RAM ROM Android
Lokmat Appllp 7 1.6 SC9832e + PAR2822 2GB 16GB 9.1
Kospet Prime S 1.6 SC9832e + PAR2822 1GB 16GB 9.1
Lokmat Appllp 9 1.43 MT6737 + PAR2822 2GB 16GB 10.1
Kospet Optimus 2 1.6 MT6762 + PAR2822 4GB 64GB 10.7
Kospet Prime 2 1.6 MT6762 + PAR2822 4GB 128GB 10.7
LEM15 1.6 MT6762 4GB 128GB 10.7
LEM16 1.6 UMS312 + PAR2822 6GB 128GB 11.

These 2 are identical watches BUT different stores the latest which still is working i bought directly from the manufacturer store.
My first lokmat 7 i bougjt on May 17th 2022 and the latest i bought on
October 25th 2022. True i had in older FAWs moisture and corrosion problems and the same happend with my first lokmat 7, still working just the charging pins got so damaged that i couldn’t charge it anymore and open it wasnt a success either, so i gave up and bought a new one, why cos i live in a country that most of the year humidity is 70% and never had issue with the watch. See the differences in the photo of both devices, same usage.

Im not suggesting which watch to buy cos i dont have A11 watch or even A10 the advanced devices but im not willing to take a risk with 200USD purchase which with my usage can damage the pins again and i cant do nothing as there arent parts for sale.
These 2 examples just show that same usage on both devices resulted differently.
These watches are still far from being perfect but what we have today is,way better than the time of A5 and A7 watches.
I have the Kospet Prime which still working but it is way behind my lokmat 7 and 9 in many aspects.

@Edwin_Mennes you won’t need to put your watch in sport mode and i understood it just kind of gimic. In my opinion the Optimus if it wasnt that bulky and with no camera on top that would have been my next choice after A9 watch.

I would definitely recommend buying from the official brand store in any case.
The reason is simple - after sales support.

We have linked with the following brands to provide valid support:
With Lokmat, there are several products that we can’t support or recommend.
In your list, both the APPLLP 7 & 9 are not supported.
Both of these - because Lokmat decided that they should not be supported.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a PM (message) and I will answer.
The general advice remains:

  1. if you want a fitness / sport monitoring watch - grab a BT watch like the Kospet Tank or similar. Just remember that these require you to join a Chinese cloud service and install a phone app.
  2. if you want a reliable rectangular watch with Android system functions, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu choice is perfect. It is sold with Android 7 but our partners in China have allowed us to share the Android 10 version with our members.
  3. if you want the same Android experience in a round watch, @G1NT0N1C choice is the best option.
    Running an 8 core Android 10 solution with a large ram allocation and storage capacity, it is a solid product.

No Full Android Watch could be classified as waterproof.
Some are more resistant than others, but despite any advertising, they are not waterproof.



Hi, I use the LEMFO LEM15 for running twice a week, I listen to music with DEEZER for the streamed music via Internet ( data on) and JABRA earphones in Bluetooth. So you need a SIM card. For an hour, the battery leakage is around 40%, I always put a strap between my skin and the watch to avoid moisture and it works fine.


Have you tried the Lemfo LEMP model??
Also known as DM30.

In my opinion, it’s a really GREAT watch and the natural evolution of yours.

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Sorry, but the LEM P is not the successor to the LEM15. I wouldn’t really recommend the LEM P to anyone. Rather the LEM 16.

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I’m completely agree with you, Sonia.

This watches are perfect as you’ve said, I don’t understand the bad comments about them.

Just wanna say, I’ve seen A LOT of smartwatches and full Android watches videos and testings on my last two years and I perfectly know what your talking about.

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I was mentioning it as of kospet prime successor.

And I’ve already mentioned on other post the specifications about what I think on that way. I’ll paste them there in a few minutes.

Here you can see my arguments, I hope they help you choosing best option for you:

-What is the best Full Android Watch on the market? - #11 by Claudio_Alejandro

I just laughed when I readded than this watches aren’t recommended for sports, look at the pictures below, was taken by myself and the GPS precision was the same as my moto g60s smartphone:

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The LEM P has an android 9 operating system which has some unresolved issues. Of all the operating systems available for Fullandroid watches, this is definitely the worst choice. I would even prefer a watch with Android 7.
One of the problems is that most apps stop working when the screen is off. This is done to protect the battery, which is too small, and cannot be remedied.
If you think you want to take a stand for the LEM P, you should not fail to mention such serious problems.