I need help 1.5 update lemfo lem 8

My watch has stopped on lemfo logo, and it is not working on update 1.5, I installed update 1.3 and the problem still remains, I did not get the update 1.5, can anyone find a solution to my problem and thank you

Whitch version is your watch? 1/16 or 3/32?

Does anyone have an update 1.5?

1.5 is 16Gb, I think. Your watch might be a 3/32 version. Try this one:

You have to use the “firmware upgrade” option in the flashtool.

I have a version 16 and 2 RAM

Please use firmware upgrade" option.

I guess it’s the newest version, but I will have a look…

Thank you, the problem is still there, stop on the lemfo logo, I wish I could get the 1.5 update for the 16 GB version

I’m quite sure there isn’t any. @pablo11 , can you confirm?

Did you actually flash the watch as @G1NT0N1C said ?

I will see what I can do.
Give me a couple of days because I can’t see properly at the moment.
But I think if it is possible I will be able to let you know tomorrow… Hopefully.

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@Lazio_Ali again - my apologies for the delay.

This is the 2gb ram + 16gb storage firmware.
I just got it from the solution provider server.

When you extract the contents - make sure there are no spaces in the folder name.
Just to show that it is the 16+2 version - this is how we have it stored on the server and I removed the brackets so that the flash tool will recognise the folder properly.

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It like the old saying "If your in trouble & you can’t find a Policeman to ask for help…well then ask @pablo11 "!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: (Well it goes something like that anyway! :rofl:) I love the way everyone jumped in to help out here! :+1: :+1: Cheers, “Can you get a speeding ticket dropped for me please Pab”?!! :woozy_face:, Doons

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Maybe, who issued it and when? :joy::joy::joy:
lol, sorry mate - I don’t think so :grin:

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