I need advice please

Sorry for the new topic, maybe it was already covered here but I wasn’t looking for it.
That little hand should show the day of the week, but not so that it skips days but turns 360 degrees once a week. This means that the cycle starts on Sunday 00.01 and ends a week later at the same time. Looking at the display on Tuesday the 16th.
00 will be in the slice “Tuesday” in the second half. So it will be clear that it is afternoon. Does it work in WFD for SL? I can’t figure it out


From your description, I’m not sure what you mean. If you want the small hand (seen in you picture as a very narrow hand pointing between Sat & Sun), then simply select “weekday” in Auto Rotation…

Yes that’s not a problem. I want it to spin smoothly. This means he completes a 360-degree circuit once a week. Like it shows a 24 hour cycle, but I want it to show a 168 hour cycle

WFD can’t handle it. But this one will work for newer clockskin engines:


You’ll have to add it manually in clockskin xml.


image2.pgn is that my little hand?

Yes. Just an example…

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Thanks, I’ll try it.

Maybe a little more complicated, but you can also try these 2 files. It is an ideea.

1.model 14.1.xml - Google Drive
2.model 14.2.xml - Google Drive


That’s it, the other file works. I’m still testing it from G1TON1C but I think I can do it with the help of both of you. Thanks to both!

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