I made an update of my HYT H2 tradition. I added a tourbillon

I made an update of my HYT H2 tradition. I added a tourbillon. I allready made a few test with tourbillons in the past, but this is the first time I’m glad with the result, in my opinion it looks absolutly realistic.
I know that it won’t work on all devices, because some devices have problems with counterwise rotation. Please report me if it’s not working on your device.


download: HYT-H2 tourbillon.zip - Google Drive

I still need to look on my h2 after optimizing in wfd . Greets and good work!

Finow X5 Air - working perfectly. Looks very nice.

@Jurgen_Oberst Try this one:

@Cerebral_Flex do you use stock launcher? I can not install it on my Finow X5 Air. There is an error message during installation. Unfortunately, this is not displayed.

@Marco_Riedner Stock launcher mate yeah. Maybe time for a data format?

Thanks it works on my h2 but how can I read time from the watch?

After checking on the HYT web page, I can read the time now. Excellent work!

@Dan_Tam_Keto thx! :slight_smile:

took me 10 minute to figure out how to read the time , is just unique . thanks for the update .

@Aziz_noufid you are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hey guys. I have kw88 b. Can u Tell me how put this hyt face in my watch?

@Padre_G if you read the main community discription, you will find a link to our YouTube channel. There’s a tutorial how to install watchfaces.