I look for DM98 Firmware version 4.4 Please help

Hello guys, I’ve a smart watch that completely died and I need to get it back to life please help 
It’s model is Domino DM98 and it was on version 4.4 of Android 
Your help is a highly appreciated 


let me check which firmware can suits this watch…

Thanks a lot Sonia I’m appreciating your help.

Any Updates Sonia ?

Oct 28, 2018 20:15:06 GMT 1 mahmoud21 said:
Thanks a lot Sonia I'm appreciating your help.

sorry, i was sure i replied, sorry but for 4.4 version it is'nt easy to get firmware but i can try and check which firmware of other watches you can use. ok, we do'nt support this watch so not sure we can even help you with it, but you can find there rom here: 


**you will have to go through the thread but it is there:)