I liked. Lem5 and KW88 https://plus.google.com/100081307150787936421/posts/UnEuteUSuAw

I liked. Lem5 and KW88


Olá rafael onde descarregas as faces?

@Helder_Brito_Silva Hi Helder.


Hi rafael i like this one but i mean other faces to download i cant seem to find a really good list of watchfaces can you help?
Thanks a lot

What SmartWatch do you have?

missing/deleted image from Google+

I cant access the proboards page because it says that my email adress is not valid…?

Thats a good site to download isnt it?

Help needed thak you!

I have the launcher and i did already the necessary to have custom faces now i just need a really good list to download from…

Do you have the update firmware? or you prefer the apk method?

I have updaded the firmware

So zip is better



Because i found some on a site but is .watch i dont know if it works
But i was successfull with the ones that come in zip

Nop .watch just for androidwear.

Hey thank you i have seen this ones before. Do you know where to find more?

Can i ask this in this forum?

I dont want to be rude or something.

No, but surely someone else in the community could help you with that.