I know why some apps are missing in the play store android 7.1.1

Shared libraries missing from Google apps, in particular com.google.android.maps in android 7.1.1 and would explain why myrunningapp is there on (A5 & A10) KP2 & thor pro 3g but not on the lem10 or KP1 for example.

Any chance to add them back?

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are you sure that com.google.android.maps is there on the prime 2? I’m not familiar with shared libraries, but I’m not able to find com.google.android.maps on the prime 2

Using root to search I don’t find any com.google.android.maps either but I found com.google.android.apps.maps on the K2.

I also found that one, but that’s just the google maps app, it could have been relevant, but I can find myrunningapp on devices that doesn’t have google maps too

Interesting, though please don’t confuse having Google map app installed and having the shared libraries

There’s this really cool app “RunGo” that I’d like to install on the prime 1 :slight_smile: is root the way to go?