I just purchased a Kingwear KW88.

I just purchased a Kingwear KW88. However, in having trouble finding a SIM card for it. Can anyone help me out?

As long as it works on the 850mhz and/or 2100mhz band for 3g data

I have a T-Mobile account, but it looks as though this SIM card will not work on this watch. Does anyone have any suggestions? Greatly appreciate it.

Have you checked the APN for tmobile?
Also check your IMEI number is intact.
You can check this by dialling *#06# on the watch phone dialler.

The APN has T-Mobile listed and chosen. However, under network operators, it has T-Mobile 2G and AT&T 2G and 3G as choices. When I choose T-Mobile it says network not available try later. There is no choice for T-Mobile 3G.