I just installed MyPhoneExplorer on my D5,

I just installed MyPhoneExplorer on my D5, when you install the windows version( http://www.fjsoft.at/en/) , you can get your Watch in Windows and control it.
Comes in hand when you have to make settings in apps where it is difficult to reach the settings button.
It gives the full rectangle screen from the app instead off the round cut out.
Hopes helps people

Hi LJP - can you tell us if you can control your watch using MyPhoneExplorer? Meaning can you remote control apps, like Mobizen can? When I try to connect to my watch (under “Extras > Control Phone”) I get an error “No device attached to USB”. This app is good to transfer data back and forth between your watch and PC, but I also wish to control watch apps.

Yes I can controle my watch, you have to got developer options on. With condition settings by usb in myphoneexplorer. Use this already on several Phones. Works great with the d5