I just installed Google Now Launcher on the KW88.

I just installed Google Now Launcher on the KW88.
It works and now the watch boots up in standard android desktop. No more watchface.
The watchface is an app called “watch” and it’s actually also a launcher.
Switching the default launcher I can now switch between both launchers.
So this got me thinking. We just need another round smartwatch launcher app to enable custom watchfaces. Or is it even possible to extract and use the new launcher of the Finow X5 plus that @SmartWatch_Ticks ​ showed us today?
Sounds too easy doesn’t it?

That is not an X5+ and unfortunately the launcher framework for the X watch has other dependencies which need to be looked at.
It is an X series watch but not the X5+.
There is already some work going on around launcher modding and swapping.
You will hear about it when it happens :slight_smile:

Sorry it was an X1 plus.

But you can use the launcher of the IQI I2 :smiley:

Not unless you take the other dependencies with it. He has a KW88. It has inverted display and framework dependencies …

No, i did use it on KW88. Just extracted the watch launcher from I2 and installed on KW88 with no Probs. After that “circle” aligment of KW88-Launcher stopped working (of course).

Yes - I know what you mean