I just got an email that samples of this watch can now be ordered

I just got an email that samples of this watch can now be ordered and will be shipping in June. It’s very different from what we have but integrates Amazon’s Alexa.

There could be potential that the os will run on our watches. The spec sounds similar.

It appears a clone (read an OEM version) of this:
With better software, hopefully

@Ciro_Danise Hi,Danise,i’m katherine from iMCO company.actually this is our company’s new smartwatch,and i have checked the link you sent,i need explain that the Water World is one of our customers.and they released the watch without any permission for now,we haven’t accept any OEM request.we have contacted with their company and they will taken off shelves soon,if you want to know more details i will introduce it to you,thanks

@Katherine_Zhou I apologize IF I’m wrong, but from what I see on the “Shenzhen water world Co.,Ltd” pages, they are the manufacturer of that watch. Besides that, this watch has 2 years old hardware specification and, frankly speaking, I don’t see any innovation in “your” project.
Kindly, correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Danise,thanks for your reply,as you can seen on indiegogo,the campaign is held by iMCO company,and you can also see the video on indiegogo,the person who do the whole explain on the video is our partner on USA named Eric.and other people on video are our PR team AB Co worker.we have our own R&D department and we have prepared for this watch for almost one year,our company has do smart wearable products for years,moreover i have also send a video to Calvin .it’s the overseas media report the watch of us.and the most important is the water world company have taken off shelves,if you still have any doubt,you can ask the worker of water world directly.anyway warmly welcome to visit our company. :slight_smile:

@Katherine_Zhou I saw your IGG campaign and I’m sorry but, frankly speaking, it doesn’t interest me. And I already contacted Mrs. Lydia Huang from Shenzhen water world Co. ,Ltd and she confirmed that they are the manufacturer of the watch, its model name is SW16, and it is already available for mass production.

@Ciro_Danise Hi Danise,actually for now the most important for us is company’s reputation,we have contacted with theie manager Mr.YeShifeng now,and one question:You have contacted with them few days ago right?how about that?kindly provide me your e-mail address,water world company will give us response in these days.the worker who talked with you before will send you e-mail and also CC to me and their manager.thanks

@Katherine_Zhou Why do you want to embarrass an employee of Shenzhen water world Co. ,Ltd that has only done its job?

@Ciro_Danise Hi Danise,take it easy.sorry but you misunderstand my meaning,i’m a young girl with less communicating experience on community.what i want to do is not embarrass an employee,we just want to explain more clear to you,cuz the first time i get into the community i found some of the members has some misunderstnding of the watch,also Calvin send me the e-mail to double confirm with me.so i just want to explain.cuz this really it’s our company’s product,we haven’t copy others,all our company members has done much for this watch.i know all of you are prefessional at smart watch,i respect you all.hope you can kindly understand me.thanks so much and i apologised if i have made you feel uncomfortable.

@Katherine_Zhou Ok, I can understand your point and appreciate your apologise even if I really didn’t need it because you didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.
I’ll be happy to confirm what you are telling now, if you give me the evidence that it is true, but please don’t force that employee to write me an email.

Katherine kindly passed on a video but I have searched and there is already a video online. Two in fact. This watch looks very interesting in my opinion. I wish my X5 had some of these features and it would save me needing a second SIM.

What does everyone think?

Just to close the case. Sadly I received a (very embarrassed) email from Waterworld to explain me that iMCO was the real manufacturer of this watch.
That said and also noted that the smart watch software appears well done but it is not based on Andorid, we are going very off topic here.

@Ciro_Danise In the spec sheet is says Android 4.3 or 5.1. Chronologics OS is based on android.

I uploaded the same video but added full spec sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baWqYdwn2yI

@Lokifish_Marz Hi,Lokifish,thanks so much for your understanding,actually Waterworld company have put the watch off the shelf,for now this watch just showed on indiegogo.after the campaign finished,we will soon released it on our offcial website.It’s nice to meet all of you here. :slight_smile: