I have zeblaze Thor pro. I hope find something usefull here.. thanx joining

I have zeblaze Thor pro. I hope find something usefull here… thanx joining.

Welcome on board. I have a Thor Pro too, love this watch. Display and accu are amazing. I use nearly all watchfaces from this nice community without problems. Also a few apps which I saw on Mr. Ticks YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYeF5HjQaEr_b5TAUu7VCfw ) in the video how to setup a smartwatch. Thanks by the way to Mr.Ticks promotion of this lovely watches. This community is the best you can get, you´ll find all thew nice stuff you´ll need for your watch.

@nurkholis_akhmad Welcome. In our community description you’ll find a link to our YouTube channel. There are some how-to videos that might be interesting for you. There is also a link to our tech forum.

@Mario_Hayah thanks.
And be sure to check out the support we provide for many watches as well the Thor 4 here http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I have to thank you (o:

Which “watchmaker software” I can use for my Windows PC ( Photoshop is already installed.

@Marco_Ferreira makes the fantastic Watch Face Designer.
It’s also in the forum I linked above.
Use this with @Eric_Crochemore universal launcher and you have a supreme combination :slight_smile:

My thanks for you all.

Hi I have had my Thor pro for just 4 days and I am over the moon with it . I have looked at many You Tube reviews On every kind of smartwatch and they keep bringing me back to the Thor Pro. In my opinion It has good battery life. excellent features and every face I have put on it has worked great and at only 70 UK pounds it was a bargain…P.S since google plus this fullandroidsmartwatch community is fantastic but then I am just a newbie on here lol