I have tethered my X5 (without SIM) to an iPhone.

I have tethered my X5 (without SIM) to an iPhone. The phone notifications show up on the watch but are poorly displayed. If I view them once, they are cleared out.
Logically if the notifications have been received by the watch, then a simple app could be written for the watch to format them in a nice display and to store them in memory. Nothing is needed on the iPhone as it already sends the data through. I have looked everywhere. Your comments please…

At the moment the only app that may work a little better is M2D and people have varying results with it. There are also members here that are looking into re-coding some apps to help with this

Another idea I have is to get a SIM for the watch and then forward all iPhone notifications, emails etc to the SIM’s number. Haven’t found a forwarding app for ios 9 yet.