i have rooted D5,

i have rooted D5, HOW can i make the keyboard that i want as always a default and what ever settings i have wo’nt change after full charging or on turn on the watch, that is just frustrating to do it everytime espacially the keyboard and launguages:\ thanks for any help.

May I advise you to write to the developer of the soft ?

I believe if you’re able to remove all the other keyboards, the one you want will be used as the default. It may be even possible if you’re able to remove the default Android keyboard. I think I’ve been able to do it in the past, but I made so many changes…I don’t remember the exact process I used. If I remember correctly, I thought I was able to use MobileUncle to remove the default keyboard once the watch was rooted. Sorry I can’t be of more help…

@Michael_Benson thanks:) acually that is very helpful, i will use it to uninstall apps that i do’nt even use.

.does not happen to me

@sonia_sophie_ataunna the easiest way is to use gesture search or setting search and go to app management hidden menu. Find your keyboard app and select “move to internal storage”. It will stay selected after every re-boot after that :slight_smile:
I tried removing all the other keyboards but this is the only way to make it work.
It was driving me insane as well until I found out how to stop it. Stupid Android 4.4 bug lol :slight_smile:

Wow, @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , it’s as easy as moving the keyboard through settings search? That’s great! I thought we were faced with rooting and other exotic steps. I was going to suggest using settings search to get to apps and under the all tab disabling the three keyboard related items – Android keyboard, PinyinME, and Speech Keyboard. I like your find much better.

Works for me :slight_smile: