I have order Finow G3 a few days ago and I'm still waiting for

I have order Finow G3 a few days ago and I’m still waiting for it. I have tried to make my first face with ClockSkinMaker. I’m enjoing so much… Do you have any suggestion for my first face improvement? Thanks


Great start… how about the date (angled) at the 4 o’clock mark… and then maybe the battery power (angled) at the 8 o’clock mark?

thank you Andrew. Coul you pls say me a good example of date at 4 o’clock ?

Have a search in the custom faces section… there are lots…

You are right…But my question wasn’t totally correct. I mean that I’d like to put also the date with angled numbers. But I think there isn’t support in the engine. Thanks anyway

@Alberto_Nicosia . It is possibe to creato angled numbers… I and several others have done it… there are even guides and tutorials…


Very nice trick. I will try soon

OK! I got it!!!


That looks really good… not covered by Cola or the bottle… :slight_smile:

I think I put a thin golden border to the date window like for the the hands. For the battery I have a little to study…

Looks great like it is… :slight_smile: