I have another problem - I've instaled Google Calendar and Google Clock (from Google

I have another problem - I’ve instaled Google Calendar and Google Clock (from Google Play Store), and after it, I have 10 instances of this applications in system launcher. What is going on?

That’s right, Loki. Both stock and Google use Calendar as the name and stock overrides Google. You need to disable stock (download Settings Search app and open Applications through there to get to the All apps tab to disable stock Calendar). Google Calendar install should work after that.

Thanks SmartWatch Ticks. I appreciate a lot your posts and videos… Can you tell me if google calendar uses more battery than the Calendar app by default? I 'd like to download Google Calendar App but I am worried about the battery… Let me know.

Yes, GCal will use way more battery as it needs to stay linked and synced with your cloud calendar, just in case you add something from your phone and want to see it on your watch. How much battery drain, I don’t know. The stock calendar does nothing, really. All I can say is try it and let us know how it goes. Would be good to hear from someone actually using the GCal on the watch regularly. Thanks.

Thanks. I downloaded GCal and disabled Stock Calendar. I’ll verify in the next few days how the battery goes and let you know… :slight_smile:

I am back with my notes about GCal, as suggested by SmartWatch Ticks.
First of all GCal is better than the useless default calendar.
Once opened, if you choose the view “Agenda” you can read very well every appointment and move to dates up and down very easily. At the top left you can choose different calendar views (by day, 3 days, 1 week, etc), but the best view for D5 in my opinion is the Agenda view.
When you add an appontment on GCal from your pc or smartphone, when you are connected in wi-fi with the D5 is enough to open the GCal App and you can see the new voice appearing. You can also update the D5 GCal calendar by clicking at the top right of the screen.
Unfortunately, because of the circular screen of D5, from the app of the watch you can open each voice/appointment (or add a new one), make some changes, but then you cannot see/reach the bottom to save them. In other words, there is no way at all to add/delete/modify appointments from the watch.
So, it is a very good app to quicky visulalize appointments without checking the smartphone in the pocket, but any update must be done from the smartphone…
About the battery issue, opening the app only few times a day, when I need to see my appointments (and “close recent apps” after that), battery consumption seems minimal.
In conclusion, by type of use that is necessary to me is really a good option.

As for accessing things off the screen, you might have success with turning on the triple tap zoom feature (download the Settings Search App and open Accessibility from there). Triple tap very close to the bottom. When it zooms it gives you a few rows of pixels which are normally off the screen. If you can touch the edge of the button, you might be back in business. Let us know if it works, OK? – Same applies to reaching the upper left and right menus as well. You gotta tap around to find that sweet spot, but once you do, you know where it is.

Hi SmartWatch Ticks. I already have the Setting Search App (following your great videos!). To be honest is not good enough for GCal. Is true what you say, but when you try to modify time or date there is no way go get out from there and even if you see the save option at the top right you cannot click on it since you have no possibility to leave the day/time area. A similar problem happens when you try to add a new appointment… Not a big issue. I will modify stuff from my smartphone :wink: