I have a X5 and have been quite happy with it.

I have a X5 and have been quite happy with it. One of my work colleagues has been asking me to sell it to him. At first I was reluctant but I have now noticed the Samsung Gear S used price is very low, most are in the price range of $130 and quite a few still have warranty.

Given the choice, which would you choose?,Gear S or X5?

All things considered, the X5 would be my choice.

Chris, what would be the reason for choosing the X5 over the Gear S?

For me it would be the round screen and use of Android apps from play store.
The gear S plus points are: It has Bluetooth calling, can also leave your phone at home and make/receive calls and messages via Wi-Fi on the watch.Also easier to use apps on the large screen.

Yes it is fairly large, takes up most of my wrist. But it does not need a Samsung phone. My friend has a Sony Expedia and it works fine. When he bought it he was told it needed a Samsung phone to activate it, also not true. Yes the apps are fairly limited. I’ve had my X5 for 2 months, the only thing I have installed is a better keyboard and browser, other than a Sat Nav app I can’t think of anything else I’d use.

Install Titanium Backup and “freeze” all services/apps you don’t need. It really helps gaining some more hours before you need to charge.

i would choose the finow because you cant install any apps on samsung gear s without a pc and android sdk but you can install android 5.1.1 on samsung gear s so i dont know im having the same problem : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha5cHUC_JS4

X5, d5, k18,… Are really better than other smartwatches.

I did some research on the gear S, seemingly as many have done to their D5,X5 and K18 etc, they can be rooted and use many other apps.
I’ve managed to find a Gear S for sale for $90.
Which to me is a bargain.