I have a w812a ( k8 mini) and I deleted folders within clocskin and

I have a w812a ( k8 mini) and I deleted folders within clocskin and watch me now I hang on boot and fails to boot . It keeps the globe until battery runs out

You need disconnect the battery and flash the watch. Try see in this community how it’s made.

Yep - he’s right - flash the stock firmware or Loki’s custom rom and you will be fine.
Please ensure that you read up on it thoroughly first and maybe watch the videos from Smartwatch Ticks.
The firmware is in the correct section here in the community and also attached to the you tube video by SWT.

In swt video he said it only can happen if you delete the clockskin directory or if you select all from explorer and delete. He said that if you select and delete one or more directory within clockskin by selecting them individually you can’t have this problem. Is it correct? Or the problem could really happen even if you delete single face direcotory?

I delete all selected, I have regained the clock but I have formatted and now works but will not let me make calls as it has no IMEI

Did you made select all from explorer? or did you select one by one or with shift? Apparently the problem shoud happen only if you make select all.

I deleted and installed several faces. ( one after the other ). No problem up to now. But you should not delete the folder clockskin, if you did you have to flash new.

I know that but Jose said “I deleted folders within clockskin”. If he done that he shouldn’t have any problem. What I think is important is determine exactly what operation generates the boot problem in order to avoid it.

It could be that you have problem if you delete the skin you are using. Even if you delete only that. Have anyone tested that?

I also noted so many people lost imei. I learned you have to do download only in sp tool to avoid that. But how can you backup it in the first place? In order to put it back if accidentaly you make format instead of download only

I’ve had just about every watch I work on hang up in various ways when moving around clockskins. Yes, deleting the entire folder often results in the watch not working. Opening the folder and selecting all subfolders (using a select all type command) does it to, but not as often. Opening the ClockSkin folder and shift clicking or individually selecting folders to delete usually works. Trying to immediately open your watch or change faces right after disconnecting from your computer can cause it to hang. It’s a very fickle thing.

With all that said, when you have time, please watch and heed this video and you won’t need to flash if this bug bites you again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLH4voR5FZg

You can easily back up your IMEI which is actually the NVRAM partition - using MTK tool.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​​​ there is a guide for backup nvram? A video would be better. :slight_smile: with a video to follow a feel much sicure.

In any case, is correct that if you do only download when flashing firmware in sptool you can NOT lose your imei? Thx

Download only should be fine - I will look into a video asap