I have a problem with m6 d5 smartwatch...yesterday i click the 'about phone '

I have a problem with m6 d5 smartwatch…yesterday i click the 'about phone ’ and setup there…anyone cant help me to format or reset this smartwatch? Need a help urgent…

Look in the Guides section, there is a step-by-step procedure for flashing the firmware

@Ciro_Danise ​ where can i look for the guide section? This watch have a password and i cant unlock it because oh the resolution

How to reset it ?

to flash you do’nt need it on. watch Smartwatch Ticks video on how to falsh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lSZMQ6zdN0

thanks…problem solved

@izham_md_isa like @sonia_sophie_ataunna said how?
It’s always useful for other forum members to share a method found for fixing your issue.

i make the firmware update and format all

thanks. So you wiped your IMEI number and had to put it back?