I have a K9.

I have a K9. I’m getting terrible battery life - 4.5 hrs with no services, wifi, BT, or sim. I did a reset under Settings>Reset Equipment, and a couple of interesting things happened. Unfortunately, I still have bad battery life, and if anyone has a suggestion, I’d appreciate it. The weather and barometer now work for me where they didn’t before. Only, I need Fahrenheit - Does anyone know how to change units? Second, I now get into the menu with a simple tap on the homescreen rather than a pulldown wipe.

Interesting, if it helps anyone.

Install “settings search” from the playstore, and disable health application. Pedometer is part of this, and bad for the battery.

Good idea but the watch died after 4.5 hours just sitting on the table. Would the pedometer progressing still be drawing that much juice even when idle?

Any idea how to change units on the weather app? Or does somebody have a favorite weather app that is lightweight on resources?