I got google keyboard set up on my x5, its working great.

I got google keyboard set up on my x5, its working great. Much better than stock one.

Edit: using google keyboard’s swipe to write function makes this a very nice keyboard on the X5. Also being able to use ok google to dictate is good. So I guess it works pretty good on round android smartwatches.

i’m using TouchPal which is great and i hope the developer will respond to my email and make it suit even better our watches even though i’m only using voice typing.

Good to hear :+1:

yes, i’ve decided to contact each developer who is app will be great for our watches, so far so good so i hope for better responses:)

@sonia_sophie_ataunna nice work Sonia :slight_smile:

Have you tried swipe mode on google keyboard?..

Yes, it works good

@sonia_sophie_ataunna hi, even those of minuum keyboard ?

no, i have’nt contact them, i think that is better more and more ppl contact developers about their apps i do’nt see why not to improve it to suit the watches, i try what ever i think is a good\great app for our usage i do contact the developer and so should most users on XDA and here do.

@Oyvind_North nice, can you teach me to have a google keyboard in my watch? Thanks

I think the killer keyboard is TouchOne…hoping wil be developed Also for our smartwatch

@Fabio I’M waiting for their reply and not just them i’m trying that other will start notice us and these watches.

@Oyvind_North sometimes the Google keyboard cover all the display and you can’t see what are you writing and enter Button miss

How Can I resolved it?

Where have I to download it and how to install? :slight_smile:

@FutuReality it’s not ready for our watches yet. As soon as it is I think it will be very popular. If you want to get involved with the beta testing just google TouchOne and have a look to see what can be done if the programme is still open…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 me too…but can’t change language

yes - well it is in beta…Most functionality will be available once it’s released. I like using the Jbak 2 keyboard. It takes a little setting up but it has round keyboards made by Paul Bort and has voice integration as well

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks I will try it

To make it stick - once installed you need to use settings search from the play store and go to app management - then move to internal storage.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 oooook thank you so much!!!