I found out that this little apk named "LMT Launcher" is working pretty good,

I found out that this little apk named “LMT Launcher” is working pretty good, if you have root it could do almost anything, its accessible from any place on the watch.

Just hold finger on the very edge of the screen (either left,right or bottom) the launcher will slide up automatically… Pretty cool?

It’s very customizable too.

Link to the creator and stuff here:

i like it will try that also even though i like the one i have but do’nt mind to have more on the watch:)

I played more with this LMT, its unbelievable good to use on this watch. The amount of customization is super. The launcher is also super lightweight :slight_smile:

Do it really needs a root to work?

No it does not need root, but if it has root access it works even better.

Nice launcher but floating toucher is still way better. Tested and uninstalled.

i installed 1,didnt use it cos it was killing battery but it was brilliant and made life so much easier but even just being installed and not being used it used up 31% of my battery so any suggestions for a less battery intensive option

mine fired a rocket ship to kill apps, grrr damn u memory

Hmm I dont get heavy battery drain from using it. Sorry it didnt work for you.

Not this launcher dude. A different 1, gonna try this now

Ohh ok good then, hope it works better for you. Just remember it has a ton of settings and tweaking to make it look and feel right. Just take your time and find the one you like. I have my watch rooted so finally I can execute commands to make use of “OK Google” from this launcher.

@Oyvind_North any chance of an easy “how to” for others to use the ok google command?
If you’re too busy don’t worry, I’m sure we can have a look into it :+1:

What version are you using? I have D5 and can install app and get to settings, but launcher not visible, could you let us know your configuration settings?

LMT v2.6 beta7.apk

Have you opened LMT and started the “service” making it run in the background?
Its never visible until you hold your finger at the bottom or left, right side of the watch (you can configure this to be only bottom or wherever you prefer)

There are so many things to customize in it I just suggest taking the time to learn. Best regards.

To make OK Google work with this it requires you to first root the the X5, then install SU, afterwards you need to install titanium backup…

Sorry for now I don’t have the time for a step-by-step guide. I’ll keep on testing to perhaps come across even better solutions.

Best regards

@Oyvind_North Thanks, got it working, great app!

Great! I’m glad you got it working.

I am trying to get this working without root. I can bring up the pie and select an app, but the app never launches. Can’t figure this one out…