I followed the guide to flash the new firmware on my D5 but now

I followed the guide to flash the new firmware on my D5 but now it won’t turn on at all. I’ve unplugged the battery and let it sit all day and I’ll try flashing again tonight. Any other advice?

I’m guessing he ran into the same problem I had. Probably tried flashing the X1 latest and ended up not being able to boot. To fix it I had to flash back to the D5 stock and then reflash the X1 without pre loader selected and SPF set to download. Then it should boot and I followed with a factory reset.

I flashed the d5 firmware that was in the toolkit in the guide. Still no luck.

Hello Jeff, I had same problem and still have… I mean … every day my D5 got stuck in the opening page. It is on my wrist and suddenly it starts booting up . After a new flashing it workes again for some time. In the beginning it was really hard for me to flash the firmware. this was with my win10 laptop. I followed the steps from smartwatch videos ticks … these are great I think ! But my experiance was that with windows 10 and this new laptop it was hard to do this flashing… mostly my laptop did not see the watch connected to the usb … Then I tried an old laptop with windows XP in combination with SP flashing V3 , but using scatter txt file from the v5 version. My experiance was that it flashed on first try … watch works again … but, I know mostly within 24 hours I need do all over again because of this bootup problem. So, if you or another person know how to solve this I would be happy to hear it.