I don't yet own a newer smartwatch (have and old android china U8 kind

I don’t yet own a newer smartwatch (have and old android china U8 kind of watch).
What’s the preference with the round watches concerning 1,2 or three buttons on the side?

I’ve got a Finow X5, as I like the additional buttons as it kinda gives it a more inconspicuous “regular watch at a glance” look.
From top to bottom : Back, Home (+ wake/sleep), Call Emergency Contact - set for my better half in my case! :slight_smile:
Purely personal preference really, you don’t need the buttons to use the watch, but I like 'em!

Thank you Chris Hawkins. I’m trying to make a decision this week. It’s going to be the Finow X5 or the KINGWEAR KW88. The Kingwear has quad core processors and 3G. Only 1 button, but you state you don’t need the other two anyways. It’s a lot of catching up on the reading if you’re new to this.

You’re welcome @Kenneth_Tan ​​! The KW is pretty tempting… especially as they seem to be supporting it well too. I’m in the UK and my X5 does support 3G, just not 4G. I can’t really fault it, calls, texts, whatsapp, light browsing, health apps and Hotmail/Gmail oh and a bit of YouTube to boot! Great screen too. Just hasn’t got the support of the No.1 or KW devices, although tbh, I’ve not had one problem with it yet, in just over 2 months daily use.
Is nice to have a smartphone backup or even substitute when you want to lighten your load! Anyway, I waffle!
Happy choosing! :slight_smile: