I don't know what I've done but I can't see my Finow X5 as

I don’t know what I’ve done but I can’t see my Finow X5 as an USB storage device. I used to have the android robot in my main screen asking me if I wanted to turn the USB storage on, but now everytime I connect the watch nothing happened. I can charge it, but I can’t open the folders.

Try to un-install your drivers and re-install. Have you recently updated the OS of your PC?

No, I haven’t. How can I do that? Could it be something that I’ve done to the watch that I didn’t see?

I would plug in the USB cable - go to the notifications area and select the usb connected item. Change it to MTP device.

I go to that area and it said “no notifications” :frowning:

Hmm - then I stick to what I suggested originally. Remove your existing drivers in device manager on your pc. Then reboot the pc and install again. You can use a utility called USB DEVIEW if needed.

Thanks man! I am gonna try it. I keep you post it.

Did it work out for you @Diego_Torres ?

Yes! I’ve just done what you told me and it worked! Thank you very much man! Slowly, very slowly but I am finishing with the configuration of my Finow. Hope I can count on you to do it :wink:

@Diego_Torres that’s good news mate :slight_smile: