I do not know whether to write here or on XDA.

I do not know whether to write here or on XDA. On XDA I began to write about the problem.
Some time ago I wrote that my D5 lasted more than 5 days. Then I wrote that dies after just one day and is full of awakenings Google Play, alarms, memory of the calenda. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=66707168&postcount=1372
Yesterday around 11 am charged to watch full. Around 8 pm the battery was almost zero. During those nine hours just lying on the shelf.
I could see that he had by this time more than 25,000 of awakenings GooglePlay. The other was also a lot. Not having no other idea I restored factory settings. Today charged full, turned off Google Play and put on the watch. After 3 hours 30% has disappeared.
I do not know why until recently endured a few days (using it), and now will not last one day (lying on the shelf).
The only thing I did was installed application for continuous measurement of pulse (from fisch92). But now I’ve done format, so it should work like new. Only Root left to me. But before also and lasted several days.
What could this happen?
Is in Imperium W812 v 1.2.1 better energy management? Stock rom suits me, but could change to something she advised?
Already watch less and less I like it.

My watch barely makes it through 12 hours. Not rooted and minimum apps. Removed assisted touch as that used battery quite a bit. No idea why battery life so poor.

Does anyone know if the Watch Helper app battery usage is included as a service under “Android System”? When connectivity and sync is enabled, “Android System” uses a huge amount of battery life on my X5, but I don’t appear to be able to install a root battery app to get further info on this.

Disabling sync/connectivity gives massive battery life, but obviously this kind of defeats the point of a smart watch :slight_smile: