I cannot post images in comments, so here's a new post.

I cannot post images in comments, so here’s a new post.

While ordering a butterfly clasp for my watch I noticed 1 important difference.
The cheap version has no vertical bar under the clasp, to protect you from the lock mechanism piercing your wrist. The somewhat more expensive model has this protection.
Here are images that clarify this:
The gold one has the protection bar. So look twice before you buy.



Here’s the correct search text:
“Double Push Button Watch Buckle Clasp”

I found when I entered my search string @ebay this gave me the correct clasps as a result. there are really many types out there.

Thanks for the idea, I took my Tissot clasp and have adjusted to the belt D5, this is perfect and the original belt suffers less when opening and closing.

I bought the same thing from Aliexpress. It was just 2 USD. However, the small pin was broken very fast. I don’t know if a more expensive one can work better.

Yes that was also one of my concerns that the pins are of lesser quality. What can you expect from a 4 dollar clasp.
Maybe I need to go to a local jeweler and have a look at other clasps when I receive mine.

Thanks for this modification idea. Works like a charm on the Finow X5. Less wear and tear on the wristband with antennas.