I brick my lemfo x

Hi there, i just briked my lemfo x trying to put a new face, and now it just keeps trying to put on but do nothing it can reboot but it gets to the same points, than it does not load the face an i dont know what to do any help, please

Okay . Most of us have dont this before but it is fixable . When you power on your watch you need to swipe from " right to left " over and over again very fast just before your watch tries to load the clockskin . If it doesnt work keep trying ( you must be fast ) . You can access the menu and delete problem clockskin in clockskin folder :+1:


Could it be easier to connect the watch to a PC and go to the clockskin folder through the explorer?

if you have used adb with it before then yes it would be easier to use the pc, otherwise, no

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Of course . But you said watch was in a boot loop

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