I bought a microwear H2 watch couple of days ago.

I bought a microwear H2 watch couple of days ago. I downloaded wear OS on my phone and watch from playstore. The reason I download this program OS is to work with watchmaker app for downloading watch faces. I am having problems having my phone to connect to my watch through this app then download into my watch. On Bluetooth states it is connected. My questions are can wear OS communicate with watch through my phone? Is there another app or website method of downloading other watch faces then factor selection? Love to be pointed into any direction which well help.

this is a full android watch you can’t use Wear apps cos it does’nt have Wear OS on it so it wo’nt support anything related with it. use Eric’s launcher and you can use most watchfaces with it.

I also bought the h2 it’s falling apart after 6 month wearing it (and I was always gentle with it) the watch got a crack at its back the charging cable gets cracks too, touchscreen didn’t react for a while without a reason and now I found out the cellular network doesn’t work anymore… I loved this watch but I realized it’s cheaper than cheap build. Hope yours holds longer than mine Greets

Like @sonia_sophie_ataunna said, H2 is a full Android smartwatch. With Eric’s Universal Launcher, you can load watchmaker faces, but that’s about it. No other part ofWear OS is supported, currently. At the moment, Tizen and Ticwatch OS are the only other OSs that support Wear OS apps and such.