I am looking to get a smart watch.

I am looking to get a smart watch. My main objective is to connect via bluetooth to my phone, receive my notifications (gmail, yahoo,text messages, facebook). Any recommendations?

I believe all of the watches here in this forum, will let you BT and alert to the watch. Most however, will not let you answer a call, as the watches are stand-alone phones, not just slave devices. Some have issues with BT timeout, but for the most part are reliable. The Android 4.4 watches are best understood and supported here. The built-in BT alert apps don’t always seem to be the best however, so look into M2D sender or SWApp Link. Really, it’s all down to personal preference. Hope this helps!

I’m also looking for something like that, right now I’m seriously considering the Ticwatch 2, but obviously the No1 D5+is coming out really soon, so maybe it would be worth waiting.