Howto : sync your contacts with DAVx5


I am a new Optimus 2 user but most, this is my first mobile phone ever.

I tried the main tools in the watch with great satisfaction. Now comes the time to import my contacts. I tried to use the “Import file” option in the Contacts application but it only returned “no vcf file” without asking me where to take it. I do not have explanation and I wrote to Kospet after sales about this.

I manage my contacts using Thunderbird+SoGo connector under Ubuntu connected to a Baikal server (SabreDAV technology on my NAS). I never used contact records through Google, Yahoo, Office 365 platforms and I keep all my confidential data locally. The following howto explains how to sync contacts internally at home without sharing them with a third party.
I successfully synced my contacts using DAVx5 for Android 7+ and Baikal 0.9.2. Of course, if you already have another server solution compatible with DAVx5, go to step 6 directly.

  1. Use your own solution to manage address books on a home server and adapt the following steps.
    Here I used QTS 5 on a QNAP device :
  • Install phpMyAdmin package
  • Reset root password of MariaDB (only the first time)
  • Open phpMyAdmin
  • Create a new database named MyOptimusContacts
  • Install QBaikal 0.9.2 or newer: follow instructions (MariaDB port: 3307)
  1. Download latest SOGo connector xpi module for Thunderbird (Download)
    Install it as an extension

  2. Usage of the Thunderbird+Baikal combination:

  • Open QBaikal GUI
  • Display the list of address books for a user
  • Create a new empty one
  • Click on i (icon information) and copy the URL
  • Open Thunderbird
  • Open the address book tab
  • Select New Address Book / Add cardDAV address book
  • Paste the URL, give appropriate credentials and accept
  1. You can create new cards in your new address book or copy contacts from another existing address book in Thunderbird (select all vcards using Shift+click; Ctrl+drag and drop into your new address book). Thunderbird offers many ways to import address books from elsewhere.

  2. Baikal only: patch the 0.9.2 Baikal installation (maybe not required for newer version): PHP 8.2 dynamic properties deprecation warnings · Issue #1154 · sabre-io/Baikal · GitHub

  3. Install DAVx5 or newer on Android (Releases · bitfireAT/davx5-ose · GitHub)

  • Follow instructions
  1. Manage your contacts from Thunderbird (card updates and new contacts) and use DAVx5 to quickly update the contacts in the Optimus 2

The drawbacks (not prohibitive) :

  • Not working properly : modifying a card from Optimus 2 then sync
  • Not working : add a card in Contacts then sync

Hope this helps.