How to Wear the Kospet Prime 2 with a Dress Shirt

I’m invited to a formal wedding coming up soon. I haven’t gotten dressed up in a while, so I dusted off an old suit (tux, actually) and dress shirt to check for fit. The shirt neck was too tight so I ordered some neck button extenders on Amazon. Works great. (Also works on waistband!) Only problem was I’d have to leave the KP2 at home, since the dress shirt cuff won’t fit over it . . . Then I had an epiphany (you’re probably guessing what comes next):

Problem solved! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:rofl: Sounds like some sort of gadget that “Q” would come up with for Bond! :crazy_face: Cheers, Doons…James Doons :woozy_face: :rofl:

Brilliant! The number of shirt cuffs I could have saved, and I only wear a OP2 :smile:

@Doonsbury You call it James Bond. My wife calls it my Dick Tracy watch (if you are old enough to remember him :rofl: )


Who knew that the smartwatch was actually conceived in 1931 ??? :wink:

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Oh Yes indeed I remember Dick Tracy… but I also remember the first time I made a phone call from my Kospet…I was chuckling at the thought of how something so “Oh that will never happen” had become common place…and then I had to laugh out loud as I saw the look on some peoples faces as they watched a 66 year old guy, chuckling as he made a call on his watch…and most of them way too young to appreciate what the humor was!
But technology takes us all off guard at times…I remember my Dad saying that they were one of the first people in their area to have a Radio (You know, those ones so big that it took 4 guys to carry them?! :crazy_face:) and he lived to see a man walk on the Moon…Just as one day your grand children will probably “Beam” around the universe like dear old Kirk & Spock! :rofl: Cheers, "Dick Tracy calling Go Go Gomez, Doons


Making my first call on a watch, i thought about the communicator from STTMP. YMMV.

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