How To Take ScreenShot in LEMFO 10 (Square Face)

Hi, How to Take ScreenShot in Our LEMFO 10 Watch?

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I don’t know if there are several other ways but on all my devices I use the Smart Touch Pro (STP) app. It is one of the basic features that is available to you. You can open STP, with any screen that is displayed, tap the icon, agree and you have your screen shot in your gallery. Easy peasy.

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You can also said by google assistant “take a screenshot” or “take screenshot” too and “prendre une capture d’écran” in french.

Google assistant - Take a screenshot


Really? I didn’t know.:+1:

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Thats new to me also …


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I just saw your post today. If you haven’t sorted the problem yet you could try Screenshot Touch from Playstore. Very easy to use and works very well for me.