How to root the lemfo lem8 (and other watches)

NOTE: You do this at your own risk and I will not be held responsible if something goes wrong

This method uses an Android phone, mainly because it is easy to see what is happening.

The root is done by patching a stock “boot.img” with Magisk Manager and using SP Flash Tool to flash it onto the LEM8.

What you need is:
SP Flash Tool

Stock ROM, the same version as is on the watch, from:http:///thread/2937/lemfo-lem8-z29-m6739-16gb

Note: it refers to Update 1.2 but it really should be Update 1.3. My LEM8 was version 1.2 and I previously updated it to version 1.3.

Download and unzip the stock ROM file

This download includes SP Flash Tool and also can be used to reflash the stock ROM if something goes wrong.

Magisk Manager apk – you need to download it from the Internet as it is not on Play Store.

Version 7.0.0 is the latest.

Stage 1 – Patching the boot.img
a) Copy Magisk Manager apk to your Android phone and install it
b) Make sure that you are connected to the Internet
c) Unzip your Stock ROM download
d) Find and copy the boot.img from your stock ROM to the root of internal memory or SD card
e) Run Magisk Manager and wait until buffering stops
f) Tap on Install for “Magisk is not installed”
g) Tap on Install under the Install Magisk pop up
h) Select “Patch Boot Image File”
i) Navigate to where you put the boot.img and select it
j) The boot.img will be patched and stored in the internal memory under “Download” with the name “patched_boot.img”
k) Unfortunately, I could not see this file from my PC so I had to use a file manager apk to copy into the root of either the SD card or internal memory so that I could copy it to my PC.
l) Store this file in the same folder where you unzipped your download

Stage 2 – Loading the “patched_boot.img” onto the watch
a) From your unzipped download, find and run SP Flash Tool
b) Choose the scatter file of the stock ROM that you downloaded
c) Find the “boot” sector and click on the “Location” in the right-hand column
d) Navigate to where you stored the “patched_boot.img” and load it in.
e) TURN OFF your watch, make sure that the charging plate is NOT connected to the PC.
f) Mount your watch on the charging plate
g) In the SP Flash Tool click on the box in the header line to unselect everything (no ticks)
h) Click the box for “boot”, a tick will appear – only “boot” should have a tick next to it
i) Click on “Download”
j) Insert your charging plate USB cable into your PC
k) The “patched_boot.img” will be downloaded and flashed on your watch. You can reverse this by using the stock “boot.img”
l) You should not lose any data or apps if you only flash the boot
m) Start up your watch, download “Rootchecker” by joeykrim from the Play Store
n) Confirm ROOT.
o) Good Luck!!

I tried to follow your tutorial, unfortunately when I want to select the stock boot.img magisk only opens one folder called “documents” in that folder ( in my case) are 2 different watch faces?! I tried to localise the folder but was not able to, also I have no posibility to select any other folder. I tried to install a different file manager but that does not work as well.
I also tried to figure out what watch skins are in there but as they are tiny Its hard to make correct guesses. After a lot of checking i figured the watchskin out and tried to copy the boot.img into the coresponding folder but it also does not shine up. I am stuck and pretty much confused as magisk gives me no option to change the folder, also I cannot figure out what folder magisk is dropping me in as I also cannot localise it…

What you state is what I also experienced and everything is hard to see on a watch face.

That is why I used an Android smart phone to root the watch’s boot.img and then use SP Tools to flash it onto the watch.

Thanks buddy, worked flawless, I wrongly thought that I have to run the batching process on the watch, but now that you cleared the situation up, it worked like a breeze finally rooted

i take the boot.img from here: /thread/3407/lemfo-lem8-ota-rom-update the filesize is around 24 mb after patching with magisk 9 mb is this o.k.?

That is probably because the method I used to extract the ROM ignored empty spaces and extracted the complete partition without truncating it to remove the no data area

During the rooting process, Magisk probably only processed and saved the data area and ignored and/or removed the data free area giving a smaller file.

Ive tried but dont get root :frowning:

Yesterday I easily rooted and installed TWRP on the LEM8 with the V1.4 OTA update.

I used Magisk Manager app on an Android phone to get root with the extracted boot.img and ported TWRP from the V1.3 that I had previously ported TWRP into.

I will post the resulting recovery.img and boot.img later today.

BTW did you install and run the Magisk Manager app on your watch so as to complete the rooting process?

That was my problem, now it works thank you!

Hey thanks for the guide. My problem is that sp flash doesn’t do anything after clicking download, like it doesn’t see my watch or something?? Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

Your watch must be in the off condition AND mounted on the charging plate but NOT connected to your PC.

Simply click the download button and THEN plugt the USB into your PC. The flash tool will start downloading to your watch.

The above assumes that you have the correct drivers installed.