How to root lemfo lem x

I have issue with imei number so please any one can help me in how to root lemfo lem x or lemfo lem 10

what a confusing post… :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

edit: I see now all ties to LEM 10 have been replaced with references to LEM X; now it makes sense!


@Parth_Myatra, follow the steps in this thread:, and then transfer the magisk zip to the watch and install that as well

Can u guide me on video call , I never Rooted any thing before

sorry, I don’t do video calling.

btw, if you do successfully root it, I won’t be able to help you fix the imei number

Then how to fix SIM card issue in lemfo lem x or lemfo 10

I could use some help with my Lem X. I am not new to rooting. I have rooted several Android phones but never an Android watch. I followed the instructions on installing twrp with sp flash exactly. It downloaded successfully ( I got a green check on the PC screen. However, when I disconnected the USB and went to start the device, twrp did not start automatically. In fact, it just displayed the LEMFO splash and went blank. I tried several times and that’s a it will do. I then tried to reflash the stock rom but after clicking download (upgrade rom) and connect USB it won’t start the download/ flashing process. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to flash back to stock by repeatedly holding the power button while sp flash was ready to download. At some point, I hit the sweet spot and it started flashing. It now boots and functions correctly. However, I still don’t know what went wrong. It’s like the twrp image is incompatible with my device or is it something else? Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

@Symblex, which download mode did you use when flashing twrp?

Download only

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that’s good, then I don’t know what could be the problem.

Maybe there was a problem during flashing that wasn’t detected or maybe the downloaded files was corrupted. My best suggestion is to download the files anew and try to flash it again


Ok, I’ll do that soon when I have some extra time and post how it goes.

Success! I downloaded everything again and ran SP Flash as administrator as a precaution. After reflecting on how I did things the first round, I believe I know what caused the corruption. I made the mistake of unzipping with the Windows unzip utility. I should have known better as I have read how it can corrupt files. This time I used 7-zip for all archives. I strongly recommend not to use the Windows unzip utility for any files as critical as these!


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@Symblex Can you help me please I want to root my lemfo watch

Sp flash tool

This all stuff Dowland from lemfo official website
Still I am getting this error

You don’t seem to have all the necessary items downloaded to root. It’s not a rom image–it’s an image of a custom recovery as well as a root manager. I’ll check and see if I have the links saved for what I used. The download comes with explicit instructions and I can clarify some items that aren’t clear. I’ll try to get back later tomorrow.

@Symblex from where you download that all stuff which you mentioned in your message

I have an older Lem X and now I’m using lem T with Ticwris rom.
I my opinion, Ticwris is much more usable than Lemfo’s own rom.

Has someone flashed Ticwris to Lem X? I would be very pleased if that is possible?
br, Kari