How to root IQI I4?

Hi guys, I am new here so apologies if this has been answered in another post.

I am wanting to root my IQI I4 smartwatch to change notification background image and other stuff.

I was able to find and download in this forum the latest firmware (v5).

But I could not find any post which explains all the steps required to follow to be able to install this new firmware into my smartwatch

Is there any post that explains how to this step by step?

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Maybe my question should read “Is it required to install new firmware to root the watch? Or can it be rooted follwing other steps without installing other firmware than original?”

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Aug 2, 2017 16:07:23 GMT 1 seolmedo said:

no, you do'nt need an update to root the watch, you can update the watch and then root as you like. go to custom rom and there you'll find what you need to root your watch just be sure it is for your watch model.

Thanks for the reply !

I followed your suggestion and found this thread under “Custom Rom & Support / TWRP recovery for IQI I4” (http:///thread/902/twrp-recovery-iqi-i4)

However this post indicates that requirements are:
I4 must have firmware v20170322”

My I4 has the following details:
Kernel Version: 3.10.72, Thu May 18 12:18:40 CST 2017
Compilation Version: AQR-LAUNCH-I4-HEHUI-V05-20170518

It seems to be newer. Am I good to proceed with the instructions of this post or should I need new images to root?

Many thanks

So you should be fine if you use the boot image supplied in the package.

Once you have flashed SuperSu you can flash your newer boot image if you want.

Any issues at all - just flash back to original firmware.

DON’T flash the pre-loader!! In this case download only is the option used in SP Tools - as it says in the instructions.