How to reply WhatsApp Message from Genesis watch

How to reply a WhatsApp message from the Genesis watch? I don’t see an option to do it. I was able to do it on my Samsung Gear S3 watch and it will be nice to have this function the Genesis watch as well.

Download “tablet messager” from the playstore.

Hm,… I put the watch in square mode and than you can answer as in any other smartphone, no problem.

that’s right, whatsapp works well on our watches. However, I understood the question so that he would like to answer whatsapps on the watch that are received on the cell phone.


OK, sorry this was my misunderstanding…

Yes, that is correct! Currently, when a WhatsApp message is received, you don’t have an option to reply but only to cancel. I will download the “table messager” you recommend and see if it works. Thank you!

I installed the “Tablet Messenger” but when a WhatsApp message came in, the Genesis watch will alert with the message but still don’t have the option to reply though - only has a Cancel option

have you logged in to tablet messenger? You should also exclude it from the battery saver. It will give its own notifications, so you can turn off the notifications through wiiwatch/watchdroid

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Hi guys

WhatsApp related issue here.

I’m not getting any notifications on ny watch unless the screen is on and I open the app itselt. I have set the app is set to unrestricted data usage, not optimised and background cleaner is also off.

Appreciate any help.

Yes! I did logged in to the tablet messenger and also exclude it from the battery saver but to no avail. What I want is to be able to reply to a WhatsApp message just like the Samsung Gear S3 watch. I have attached a pix that shows a WhatsApp message that came in but no option to reply - only “CANCEL”

To write or reply to someone, you have to open the app. This is possible via a shortcut icon that can be selected when setting up the tablet messager, or you can enter the app in the appdrawer. On the S3 you can only answer incoming notifications, here you can also write directly to a person.

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Okay, noted - thank you!