How to record video invisibly?


My goal is to film in secret with an Andröid watch.
Among the installable Android applications, I am looking for a lockable and invisible video recorder, that is to say if I touch the screen of the Android watch or if I press one of the buttons when it records the video, nothing cannot be seen and nothing happens!
The stop, the pause and the start of the recording cannot be perceived!


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despite the dubious application of what your trying to do try this

it will do what you want and a lot more remotely

I don’t think a remote controlled application or spying of an other persons device was in thought, only to be able to start a video recording from ones own watch by touching the watch face (with an array 100 field ?), and then the watch would record video without displaying the video or other signs of recording on the watch display. So video recording in the background while keeping the standard watchface. I can see the use of this if one is in a bad situation and want to record the following events for documentation…
(this was my understanding of the request, it might not be correct)

if the watch is still on the wrist i would imagine any sort of video recording would be obvious because of the position of the camera on most of these watches and the awkwardness of pointing it in the general direction of what your trying to record

on the other hand if the watch is off the wrist i would have thought some sort of remote start / stop facility with the added bonus of not being detectable would be ideal hence me posting the above link.
even with the watch still on the wrist it would still be a good solution

I was thinking, with the front facing camera used and standing with the arms crossed over your breast - one may be able to record something useful ?
(I don’t have one of them yet, so haven’t tried)

neither do I and with wearing the watch on my right wrist makes it nigh on impossible to video anything :frowning:

I take Dotsfar’s answer: a video recording in the background would be the best solution for me provided that I put a locked black background in the foreground.
But is it possible to do it on any Android watch?
If not, with which precisely?

you can try this app if it has what you looking for.

Uhhh… MMMMMM huh.
Nevermind… I promised. :grimacing:

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